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At Viadolce Gelateria you will find a warm, and inviting interior that showcases the many flavors of gelato available for your enjoyment.  A coffee bar fills the cafe with the rich brewed aroma of espresso. Fine a small but comfortable sitting area to enjoy your coffee or gelato. Viadolce Gelateria prepares its gelato entirely from scratch, using only the finest natural ingredients available on the market today. We hope to give all of you the delightful experience that authentic gelaterias have given to Italian people for almost 100 years.
                  Buon appetito!         



Our Gelato flavors are rotated each day
and the following are just some of the many
flavors for your enjoyment.


Panna Cherry Crystal Berry
Stracciatella Panna Cotta Vanilla
White Chocolate Dulce de letce Burnt Crème'
Malaga (Rum Raisin) Amaretto Tiramisu
Espresso Cappuccino Chocolate
White Mint Cinnamon Ginger
Coconut Almond Pistacchio
Walnut Pumpkin Peanut
Coffee Crunch Toffee Coffee Apple Pie
Futti di Bosco
(Mixed Berry)

What is Sorbetto?

 Sorbetto is a blend of fresh fruit and fruit juices along with small amounts of cream. It's like sherbet with a lot less calories.  Only true, raw ingredients are used to ensure our sorbetto tastes clean and fresh. No oils are used; only the real fruits and juices.

Lemon   Apricot
Lemoncello   Banana
Pear   Strawberry
Pink Guava   Blueberry
Passion Fruit   Raspberry
Mango   Blackberry
Pineapple   Green Tea
Peach   Frutti di Bosco.

Want more Italian flavor? 

The visit our new Italian Market on lower level
"Cured by Visconti's"

Consider dining at
Visconti's Italian Ristorante
(in the same building) or our Restaurant in Wenatchee, Wa.

Viadolce Gelato, 636 Front Street, Leavenworth, WA